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Systainer Etiketter

Create your personalized label in only 4 steps: 

1. Label Selection
Choose the appropriate PDF from the selections below and open it. This will require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader version 9.0 or better if you want to have all functions working. The current version can be downloaded here free of charge. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

2. Label Inscription
You have the possibility to fill in two text fields with your individual content and if desired, you can even import your own logo. Of course, you can leave these fields for a logo and text blank if you like. 

3. Label Printing
You have entered your desired content? Now simply click 'Print'. Please briefly read the recommendations for printing for best results. 

4.Cut Out and Insert Label
Now cut out your label along the displayed cut line and insert it in the SYSTAINER. That’s it! For protection, there are transparent covers (Order No. 497855)

Technical Specifications: 
Format of the Label: 85,72 x 54,03 mm (W x H)
Required Software: Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 9.0 or better
Logo Requirements: Supported image types: *.jpg, *.gif, *.png, *.tif
Max. logo size: 500 kb
Optimal logo format: 40 x 10 mm (W x H)
Recommended Paper: Paper white, grammage: 135 gsm.
Protective cover for SYSTAINER-label Order number 497855